Amber Waves Pygmy Goats


Milking Pygmy Goats


Mention goat milk and many people grab their throats and gargle, “AAAGH!” Pygmy goat milk is extremely sweet and delicious. Does willingly give up to 2/3 gallon per day at the peak of their lactations. I feel a doe worth her keep should give half-a-gallon per day at her peak, but a quart a day is nothing to sniff at – that’s nearly two gallons a week! The butterfat content of Pygmy milk in our herd ranges from 4.5% to over 11%. High butterfat content means the milk resists off-flavors due to dietary causes and helps maintain milk’s sweet, delicious flavor longer in cold storage. Raw Pygmy goat milk has maintained its freshness and flavor in our refrigerator for 14 days. Pygmy milk is higher in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron than milk from dairy breeds, and is lower in sodium.

Polyestrous sexual behavior means they can cycle year-round as opposed to dairy breeds. If milking is a priority, a continuous supply of milk can be obtained by breeding two does alternately. Dairy breeds usually have problems maintaining a year-round milk supply due to their seasonal breeding nature.




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