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Pygmy Goat Prices At Amber Waves

 Regular Colors*
Caramel, Black, Agouti

Does and Bucks $500.00
Wethers - $275.00


 Rare Colors*
Brown Agouti and Grey/Browns

Does and Bucks $750.00
Wethers $375.00

 Breeding Does (When Available)*
Caramel, Black or Agouti



  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • Occasionally prices may be higher or lower
  • We occasionally have breeding does available for sale if you would like advance notice of any does being offered for sale please click here to join mailing list for notifications. 

Forms of Payments Accepted


Credit Cards
(MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover)

Credit Authorization form for pygmy goats click here


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E-mail or call (951) 736-1076

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"I received the package got today.  I really appreciate all the information and the fact that you care so much.  i found that I have found the right people and place to get my goats from  Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to our new family members!."

- Kristi H, US -

"Debbie, I want you to know how impressed and happy I have been for the last 4 years of doing business with you and Jim at Amber Waves.  As you know, I now have purchased 4 goats from you at various age34s from 1 day old to 4 years old.  Each Goat has been healthy, disease free and a delightful addition to my animal family.  You have answered all of my questions (which have been many! quickly and accurately which has provided me with all of the know how necessary to be a responsible goat owner.  i look forward to doing business with you in the years to come. Thank you very much!! Happy New year!"

- Brenda B, US -

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