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Updated 5/17/17 - 11:20 AM

New DNA'D Sexed Silkie Female Chicks For Sale

DNA Results from Case 91945 - Received 5/17/2017

Available for Sale DNA Sexed Female Chicks

  • Wing Band 2493 - Partridge Female - Price: $135
  • Wing Band 2495 - Buff Female- Price: $135
  • Wing Band 2492 Buff Female - Price: $135

FREE DNA Sexed Male Chicks

  • Wing Band 2500 - White
  • Wing Band 2494 - White
  • Wing Band 2498 - Blue/Splash
  • Wing Band 2499 - Partridge
  • Wing Band 2496 - Buff
  • Wing Band 2497 - White
  • Wing Band 2491 - Buff

Will be sending another group in for DNA Sexing this wee. Please keep checking our main sales page at it is the most current.

Free Bearded Bantam Silkie Roosters

Take one or all. Shipping Ok just pay shipping charge we can ship two young adults to a box.

  • 1 Partridge Young Adult

FREE DNA Sexed Male Chicks from last DNA Results

  • Wing Band 2500 - White
  • Wing Band 2494 - White
  • Wing Band 2498 - Blue/Splash
  • Wing Band 2499 - Partridge
  • Wing Band 2496 - Buff
  • Wing Band 2497 - White

Lots of Straight Run Chicks Available Including Blues

Are Available Again... Assorted Colors Pickup Only Too Young to Ship

$10.00 Each - White, Buff, and Partridge
$25.00 Each - Paint, Blue, Splash

Purebred Black Copper French Maran Laying Hens

10 Available - Sold 3

  • We have decided to concentrate on just the Bearded bantam Silkies so we are selling our select group of Black Copper French Marans.
  • We have about 10 hens they lay extra large dark dark brown eggs and are laying now
  • NPIP, Mareks Vaccinated and Fowl Pox Vaccinated.
  • Pickup Only they are too big to ship.

We had the chicks shipped in from Florida and have conformation they are straight Bev Davis Breeding if you need to see it.

Price: $50.00 Each

For the newest and most current sales list click here

How to purchase female chicks

  1. To purchase send me the below information I will send you an invoice you can pay online.
  2. Let me know if the chicks need to be shipped or if you are picking them up. Chicks being picked up should be done within a week of purchase. If not the board will apply at the rate of $10 per bird per month or part of a month.
  3. If Chicks need to be shipped they are young and will need to stay for at least some time in June to be old enough to ship. Board will be added to invoice for May and June.
  4. In the event, a bird dies or becomes ill Amber Waves reserves the right to either replace the chick with another female chick (may not be the same color) or refund the purchase price of that one chick.
  5. Live birds will only be sent Express Mail in approved horizon shipping boxes. The USPS does not insure live birds and does not refund postage unless the birds are 3 days or more late. If you have any questions about the USPS Policy please contact the USPS through their website or call them and ask them about their Live Bird shipping policy. Once the box/birds leave my hands, I have no control over how the post office will treat them. I do not refund for dead/injured birds on arrival. Also, absolutely NO postal refunds for late deliveries.

    By purchasing birds from me, you agree to all of the above.

    Send me the following information to purchase

    • Wing Band Numbers
    • Your Full name
    • Mailing Address
    • Mailing City and Zip
    • Phone for USPS to call you when your birds arrive
    • Email Address

    I will send you an invoice you can pay online with either MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Discover. If you need to use PayPal let me know.



Mailing address: Amber Waves, 1320 Mountain Avenue, Norco, CA, 92860-2852, US